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Monday, 29 September 2014

DIY mosaic necklace pendant

DIY necklace pendant

A while back I received a batch of setings for 30x40 mm cabochons. Unfortunately the settings were on the small side and many cabochons did not fit. Because I was very busy at the time I put the settings aside and forgot all about them.
Today I had a nice idea to put these setting to good use. I used seed beads to create a mosaic. The irregular height of the beads results in a nice nice chunky pendant, with some good weight. Below I show you how to make these pendants.

What do you need?
How do you proceed?
First test your mosaic's design. Take a setting and add the seed beads. When you are happy about the design you can take the seed beads out. 'Paint' the setting with the Mod Podge glue.
DIY preperation setting
Now place the seed beads according to your mosaic design. You can add the seed beads freehand or if you have more time, you could also use tweezers to ensure that the seed beads lay on their sides. It's okay if the beads get covered with glue as the glue dries almost transparently. It gives a nice effect when you use seed beads that have some variation in size.
DIY creating the mosaic pendant
DIY creating the mosaic pendant
Take the brush and apply more Mod Podge so that most of the cavities between the beads are filled with glue.
Filling pendant cavities
Wait for the Mod Podge to dry. The white glue will become increasingly more transparent after passage of time. I waited a day.
DIY ketting hanger finished


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