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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Autumn 2014 - Pink

Autumn 2014 Pink Secret Garden necklace

For fall 2014 I chose a palette of pink elements, accented with green. Here a selection of soft pink shades like baby pink, coral, salmon and pearl. Sweet pink creates an autumn feeling when combined with emerald and pastel green shades. For the finish I use rose gold material.

Secret Garden necklace

This colour palette was the inspiration for this 'Secret Garden' necklace in pink and green hues. I started out making this necklace with only an idea of the colours that I wanted to use. Next I just started stringing different beads and it seemed as if the design created itself! Although the beads were not used symmetrically I certainly tried to add a conscious balance. The necklace contains many freshwater pearls and lampwork focals. The rose gold metal used to finish the necklace combines beautifully with the colours of the beads.
The title 'Secret Garden' is a reference to the children's book by Burnett, circa 1911.

Autumn 2014 autumn Secret Garden necklace
Fall 2014 autumn pink
Fall 2014 autumn groen
Fall 2014 autumn rose gold


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