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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Art Deco glass earrings DIY

Blue Art Deco glass earrings
In January I wrote a DIY article in which I used these cone beads together with bead caps: Art Nouveau cone earrings
Thanks to these clips it is much easier to use the drop beads. The result; chic earrings!

One side of the clip can be bent (just a little) outwards. Then fit the other end of the clip through the hole of the bead. Lastly bend back so that the other end of the clip also fits in the bead's hole. Take care not to add to much pressure as the top of the glass bead is somewhat fragile. To finish the earrings attach an ear hook to the bail. Your Art Deco earrings are ready to wear.

Yellow Art Deco glass earrings
Red Art Deco glass earrings
Green Art Deco glass earrings


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