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Friday, 12 September 2014

Cameo statement earrings

Cameo statement earrings
The moment I saw these resin pendants I knew what I wanted to make with them.

 These filigree-like ornaments have a baroque style with curls and flowers. Used together with a sweet cameo, bow ties and vintage rhinestones, these earrings are a mix of old and new, both in terms of materials as well as style.
The cameo and bow are firmly fastened with a large amount of glue directly on the ornament. I also applied some glue via the back of the pendant through the holes. You attach the rhinestones by sliding a ring through the holes of the pendant. To connect the pendant with an ear hook I used three rings . Allow the jewelry to dry thoroughly overnight after which these cameo earrings are all set!
See below for a list of items that were used:
Pink cameo statement earrings


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