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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Rose earrings with rhinestone fringe

1. Rose earrings with topaz rhinestone fringe
These rose earrings ​​with rhinestone fringe were made inspired by the Autumn 2014 palette of pink and green autumn hues, The glass cabochons with vintage rose pictures have soft colours, making them very suitable for this season's jewellery. This tutorial shows you how you can make them yourself.

Needed for rose earrings with rhinestone fringe
What do you need for one pair of earrings?
  • 2 large earhooks, these are made of brass these are made of brass and will slightly darker in color over time.
  • 2 glass cabochons with vintage roses.
  • 2 Lace edge settings size 25 mm
  • 6 acryl rhinestones (small) size 10x6 mm
  • 6 prong settings for pear rhinestones. These are brass as well, to match the material of the earhooks.
  • OR-G001 Rings of 4 mm, 6 pieces.
  • Glue
Open the eyelets of the setting
Step 1: The lace edge setting has a large number of eyelets. Fold four of these eyes open. One eye at the top, to attach the earhooks later on, and 3 eyes at the bottom to attach the rhinestone fringe.

Create pendants with rhinestones
Step 2 Make pendants with rhinestones and prong settings. These are quite small stones, keep in mind that it is somewhat more difficult to set these stones in a setting compared to setting a large rhinestone.

Attach the rhinestones and setting
Stap 3 Connect the pear pendants with the bottom of the setting using the rings.
Glue the cabochon into the setting
Stap 4 Now, glue the cabochon into the setting.
Attach an earhook to the earring
Stap 5 Slide an earhook through the upper loop of the setting. Your earrings are ready! The cabochons are available in various prints, below you can find a few other designs for this type of earring.
1. Rose earrings with red rhinestone fringe
2. Rose earrings with green rhinestone fringe
1. Rose earrings with purple rhinestone fringe


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