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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

DIY cabochon necklaces with flowers

Making cabochons with flower images
I'm very fond of this collection cabochons. I made them myself, and so can you! I used some Mod Podge glue, 40x30 mm cabochons and a garden encyclopedia from the thrift store! The flower images gave me a lot of inspiration, which resulted in series of necklaces.

For details on how to use Mod Podge and glass cabochons have a look at my earlier tutorial on making glass cabochons for more tips.

Let's first have a look at the cabs themselves in close up :)

Making cabochons with floral images close up
Try to find a book about gardening with full colour photos printed on nice thick paper. Especially check if the sizes of the images fit well with the cabochons that you want to use.
Creating floral cabochons picture detail
Irises, daisies, roses and blossom ... these books are filled with jewellery inspiration.
Creating floral cabochons picture close up
The colours of pink blossoms against clear blue sky: I knew immediately in which necklace I wanted to use this. The blue beads are oval howlites. The double strand is worn nonchalantly around the neck.
Making cabochons with flower pictures
I used the following items: HW-OV003, Z073, KS-B001, OR-B004, OR-B002, OR-B006, SL-KP002, CB-T008, K006 of K005
DIY cabochons with ball chain and bow knots
If you want to give the cabochon more focus, attach a ball chain to a lace edge setting. I joined the cabochon focal with a little sweet bow knot. Of course you can add or remove details to your linking.
I used the following items: K-BC006, SL-BC005, CB-T008, MH-ST004C, MH-ST004B, MH-ST004D, Z036B
 DIY cabochons with porcelain beads close up
This necklace with porcelain beads is my absolute favourite. Pink flowers along with the beads give the necklace a vintage Oriental feel. I kept the necklace long enough so that you can wear it without having to use a clasp.
 DIY cabochons with porcelain beads
In this necklace the following items were used: K005, CB-T008, Z072, PC-OV001, KS-B001, OR-B004
I glued the cabochons in the settings using Mod Podge; even for the large cabs the glue is strong enough. The advantage of using Mod Podge to eg. E6000 is that it is not aggressive and does not degrade the quality of the images. If you spill some glue it's easy wipe it off using water and a towel - perfect!


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