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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Meditteranean earrings

Meditteranean earrings

Meditteranean earrings with agates
It appears to be a particularly hot summer this year! As we have not planned any exotic vacations this year, I decided to create a Mediterranean ambience here with these earrings.
The copper coloured ornaments have a very delicate appearance, I think they have a nice casual look. And I have chosen to use faceted agate beads. These beads have a beautiful natural variation owing to the bands in the agate. No two beads are exactly the same, and that gives them character - and an absolutely unique piece of jewelry!
Blauwe Mediterrane oorbellen
Blue meditteranean earrings with agates
Pink meditteranean earrings with agates
Brown Blue meditteranean earrings with agates


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