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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tutorial - Statement rose earrings

Tutorial - Statement rose earrings

Statement Rose earrings
Roses are my favourite flowers and it's been a real pleasure to make this collection of Statement Rose earrings.

We've been carrying these large rose cabochons for years now, but I really didn't realize just how many colours we've actually got! I placed them in a 20 mm diameter lace edge setting, the flat back of the roses can be glued in. The bottom features a shiny pointed back pear rhinestone. The number of colour combinations is so large you can design pairs for every season, trend and mood. If you're looking for even more variety, you could consider using a acrylic rhinestone.
Here you will see a step-by-step photo tutorial explaining the technique, and many inspirational examples!
Statement Rose oorbellen components
What do you need for 1 pair of Statement Rose earrings?
Create pendants with pear rhinestones
How do you proceed?
1. Place the pear rhinestone in the prong setting. Hold the stone in place between your thumb and index finger, and fold the prongs down over the rhinestone one by one.
Open the 20 mm lace edge setting
2. Fold down 2 opposite loops of the lace edge setting, thus creating a connection between the ear hook and the rhinestone pendant.
Attach ear hook and glass pendant
3. Open the eyelet of the ear hook and place it through the flat loop of the lace edge setting. A 4 mm jump ring is placed at the bottom loop of the lace edge setting, the pear rhinestone is suspended from the same jump ring. The base structure of the earring is now completed.
Glue the rose cabochon into the setting
4. Now's the time to glue the rose cabochon into the setting. This is the step that will require the most attention. The flat back of the rose will not be symmetrically round. I've tested dozens of roses and they all appear to fit nicely into the 20 mm setting. You will want to press the rose down into the setting (before applying the glue!) to adjust the lace edge where needed. Every rose has 5 petals, make sure you place them symmetrically.
Use a generous amount of glue on both the setting and the rose cabochon. What you really need is for the glue to form a binding layer between the two. Apply careful pressure to the rose; make sure that no excess glue appears. If the rose will not attach, try again directly using some extra glue.
Leave the Statement Rose earring to dry for several hours before wearing.
Finished rose statement earrings
The roses as well as the rhinestones come in many different colours. Below you can find ideas for different earring colour schemes.
Black Statement Rose earrings
Pink Statement Rose earrings
Brown Statement Rose earrings
Green Statement Rose earrings
Red Statement Rose earrings
Statement Rose earrings collection


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