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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Galactic earrings

Space: stars, planets, moons and comets. People have always looked at the sky and wondered about all that beauty. This collection of Galactic earrings were inspired by the grand cosmic mystery.
Shooting Stars earrings

Shooting Stars Long earrings with gold coloured metal and little stars dangling on a fine chain. The following items were used: OH023, CB-R021C, Z053C, K018, MH-D014B, MH-D015B, OR-G001
Saturn earrings
Saturn Faux malachite drops with bands like the rings of Saturn. The following items were used: OH011, Z063, CB-R022B, MK-SP006A, FES-DR005, NS-B001
Aurora Borealis earrings
Aurora Borealis The wonderful feeling of the Northern Lights can be seen in the octagon AB crystal chatons. Aurora is also the Goddess of the dawn. I made the design extra feminine ​​by emphasizing pink hues. The following items were used: OH013B, Z053C, CB-R021E, OR-G001, PNS-OC009L, KLZ-OC001A
Red Dwarf earrings
Red Dwarf The red dwarf star is depicted by the round red Dragon Skin cabochon. Faux Lapis Lazuli drops give the idea of ​​a cosmic cloud where stars are born. Both the birth and the end of a star in one design The following items were used: OH009, Z053C, CB-R022D, MK-SP006B, FLL-DR004, NS-G004
Luna earrings
Luna The moon and and her influence are traditionally associated with femininity. The pearly drops give the design a classic touch, and the Dragon Skin cabochon reflects light like the moon reflects the sunlight. The following items were used: OS012A, DOP005, CB-R022A, KK033, KSK-DR006N, MK-SP006A, NS-B001
Starry Night earrings
Starry Night Blue Goldstone drops envisage a night with thousands of stars, far, far away. The following items were used: OH011A, Z053D, CB-R021F, OR-Z002, NSH002K
Sun earrings
Sun Gold and yellow shaded rhinestones radiate the warm light from the center of our system. The following items were used: OH009, Z053C, CB-R022C, OR-G001, PNS-P010C, KLZ-P004A
Polaris earrings
Polaris In this long earring design the North Star is portrayed with AB crystal rhinestones and a star charm. The following items were used: OH009, Z053C, CB-R021A, OR-G001, KLZ-P004B, PNS-P010E, MH-D014B
Neptune oorbellen
Neptune Big petrol pear rhinestones are reminiscent of the mysterious sea-blue gas giant in our solar system. The Dragon Skin cabochon is a reference to the sea god who gave the name to this planet. The following items were used: OH011A, Z053D, CB-R022F, OR-Z002, KLZ-P007B, PNS-P011K
Comet oorbellen
Comet Pearly drops resemble a fiery comet. The following items were used: OH013A, Z053C, CB-R021D, GK-DR003, MK-SP006B, NS-G001
Galactic Green oorbellen
Galactic Green Long, light earrings with electric green colours. The settings are set with cabochons on both sides resulting in maximum galactic bling! The following items were used: OH022, CB-R021B, Z063, KK033, GK-DR002c, MK-SP006A
Nebula oorbellen
Nebula The visual spectacle of gas clouds in space can be seen in the intense purple color of these earrings. The following items were used: OH013F, Z053C, CB-R022E, NS-G001, KK026, GK-DR002D, MK-SP006B

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