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Thursday, 9 October 2014

DIY bracelets with elephants

DIY bracelets with elephants
This DIY tutorial shows you how to design a nice elephant charm bracelet with stitched imitation leather.
This bracelet is easily put together. I have been wearing it myself for some time now, I can attest that it wears really nice. Once you have mastered the basic technique you will be able to personalize the design to your own needs.

What do you need for one bracelet?
Needed for bracelets with elephants
How to proceed?
1. Insert the head pin through the elephant bead, cut it to size, and fold a loop. Attach the loop of the bail with the bead by using a ring of 6 mm.
Attach the bead with a bail
2. Slide the bail over the leather cord.
Slide the bail over the cord.
3. Place the rhinestone in the prong setting and close the prongs of the setting. Connect the setting and the extension chain by using a 4 mm ring. Attach the end of the extension chain to the end cap using the end cap's loop and a 6mm ring.
If you want, this bracelet can be made without an extension chain. In this case a clasp is attached directly using a 6 mm ring. However, the extension chain really adds to the design, and especially if you want to sell your bracelets it is an advantage that the bracelet is adjustable in length.
Add an extension chain to the end cap
4. Attach the lobster clasp with the other end cap using a 6 mm ring.
Connect the lobster clasp and end cap
5. Apply some jewelry glue to the inside of the end cap. A big drop is sufficient, you do not want the glue to come out when inserting the cord. I used a head pin to spread the glue evenly inside the end cap.
Apply glue to the end cap's inside
6. Push the ends of the stitched cord into the end caps. If you see glue coming out around the edges, remove it gently with a head pin before the glue dries.
Push the cord inside the end cap
Leave it to dry for a few hours and your bracelet is ready to wear! Find a list of all used materials at the end of this article.
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