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Friday, 24 October 2014

DIY making snakeskin bracelets

Making DIY snakeskin bracelets
This tutorial will demonstrate a simple technique that you can use to make bracelets with imitation snakeskin and a slider bead.

Needed items for DIY snakeskin bracelets.jpg
Needed items for 1 bracelet
  • A piece of faux snakeskin. Every wrist size is different, but on average, a piece of 14 to 15 cm should be sufficient. Including the clasp you get a bracelet with a length of about 19 cm.
  • 1 slider kraal with a setting for a 15 mm cabochon.
  • 1 round cabochon.
  • 2 ribbon ends to finish the bracelet's cord.
  • 1 Hook clasp.
  • 2 small rings, 6 mm size. These have a thickness of about 0.9 mm which adds to the sturdiness of the bracelet.
  • Glue, pliers and scissors.
Slide the slider bead onto the snakeskin
How to proceed?
1. Cut off a piece of snakeskin to size, approximately 14-15 cm. Slide the setting onto the snakeskin.
Apply glue onto the leather
2. Add a fine layer of glue on the ends of the leather. The glue firmly attaches the ribbon ends to the cord. A little extra strength is no luxury asevery time you put on the bracelet stress is applied to the ribbon ends and clasps.
close the riboon end.jpg
3. Place the ribbon end hold it between thumb and forefinger to keep it in place. Use pliers to close the ribbon end. Remove spilled glue residue before it dries.
Attach a clasp to the bracelet
4. Connect a ring to the loop of the ribbon end. I stretched the loop somewhat by using my scissors, this leaves just enough space for the ring to fit perfectly. The clasp consists Of two parts, which you connect to the ribbon ends via the rings.
Lijm de cabochon in de schuifkraal.jpg
5. Glue the cabochon in the slider bead. I have stocked pastel coloured cabochons, which fit exactly in the setting. If you do not mind a tiny bit of space around the cab have a look at these 14 mm faux Druzy cabochons, the irregular surface complements the faux snakeskin.
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