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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Japanese rose earrings

Japanse Rose earrings
These shabby chic earrings are the result of a surprising mix of materials. The vintage Japanese cabochon with a colourful bouquet of roses is this piece's eye catcher. Although these cabochons are quite old, the colours are still surprisingly bright; reminiscent of a vintage set of china. The cabochons are fastened onto a gold-coloured pendant and embellished with small, blue pearl cabochons. Finally, the icing on the cake is provided by vintage pink Chech navette rhinestones which are added to the earrings.
What do you need
Needed components for Japanese rose earrings
How do you proceed?
Step 1 Place the vintage rose cabochon in the center of the pendant. Use E6000 or Hasulith glue to glue the cabochon onto the pendant. I have used E6000 glue rather than rhinestone glue because I don't think the rhinestone glue will be strong enough to keep the cabochon secured. Wait a while to allow the glue to dry.
Glue the cabochon onto the pendant
Step 2 Place the navette rhinestones into the prong settings.
Place the navette rhinestones into the prong settings
Step 3 Apply the rhinestone glue around the cabochon so you can place the small blue cabochons around it. In this case I have opted for the rhinestone glue because it is more liquid than the E6000 or Hasulith glue, and because it has a very handy applicator. Neatly, glue the small pearl cabochons around the rose cabochon. If necessary you can use a headpin or an eyepin to push the small cabochons into position.
Apply the rhinestone glue around the cabochon
Glue the blue cabochons around the cabochon
Step 4 Once the glue has had some time to dry, attach the ear hooks to the top of the pendant and the settings to the bottom.
Attach the ear hooks to the pendant and settings
The final result


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