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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Neon Edelweiss Necklace

Neon Edelweiss necklace
This Statement necklace is made of different types of howlite beads and cute resin flower cabochons. Style-wise it is a blend of folklore elements and trendy neon colours. The techniques I have used to make this necklace are quite simple, so whether you're a beginner or an expert, if you just follow the steps in this tutorial your necklace will be a success!
What do you need
  • Green flat howlite drops. The flat surface of the drops makes it relatively easy to glue the flowers onto the beads. This necklace requires approximately half of the strand of beads.
  • Flower cabochons in a variety of colours, size 13 mm. 17 cabochons have been used in this necklace.
  • Pink howlite beads, size 8 mm. You will need the entire strand.
  • Glue. I have used E-6000, but you could also use Hasulith glue.
  • A clasp
  • Crimping beads
  • Tigertail

Needed items for a Neon Edelweiss necklace
How do you proceed?
Step 1 Select the green howlite beads which have the flattest surface. The flatter the surface of the beads, the easier it will be to glue the cabochons.
Green howlite drop beads
Step 2 Glue the flower cabochons onto the flat drops. Allow the glue to dry for a couple of hours before stringing up the drops.
Glue the flowers on the Howlite drops
Step 3 Now that the drops are finished, you can experiment with the order in which you want to string them. Note that the flower cabochons come in a random mix of colours, so you probably will not receive the exact same combination of colours. Nevertheless, the fun part is that every necklace will turn out differently, thanks to, among other things, the fact that the natural howlite drops slightly differ from one another.
Position the drops next to eachother
Step 4 String the beads and alternate between the howlite drops and the pink howlite beads. The remaining pink beads can be strung on either side until the necklace is long enough to be worn. In this example I have used nearly the entire strand of pink howlite beads, giving the necklace a length of roughly 52 centimeter.
String the pink and drop beads
Step 5 Finish off the necklace with a clasp. Make sure you do not string the necklace too tight; if you do, the beads are cramped together and they will 'pop up' rather than elegantly hang down your neckline.
Finish off the necklace with a clasp


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