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Thursday, 26 September 2013

City Glamour earrings

City Glamour earrings
Lizzy wears City Glamour earrings
This tutorial will guide you step by step through the process of making these elegant City Glamour earrings. It's a chique design, suitable for a day at the office, followed by a night at the town. Lizzy is wearing a pair in a beautiful grape-purple colour. What's striking is that the earring has a nice length; it reaches just below the jawline. Because the weight of the stones is focused at the bottom of the earring they tend to dangle a bit to and fro.
The design is for a long earring, with simple components. I have made the earrings in three different colours, but within the overall principle of 1 large pear rhinestone and 1 large glass bead you can vary the colours to your heart's content.
What do you need for one pair of earrings
Needed items forr City Glamour earrings
How do you proceed?
Step 1 Place the pear-shaped rhinestone into the prong setting and use the flat nose pliers to close it up.
Place the rhinestone in the prong setting
Step 2 Place 2 bead caps around the glass bead and place these on an eyepin. Gently, push the bead caps down to make sure they embrace the bead. Cut off approximately 8 mm above the bead and shape an eyelet. Attach the prong setting to the eyelet, then close it up. The two eyelets of the eyepin should not be aligned! If they are, the pendant with the rhinestone will be facing sideways rather than forward.
Fit the bead caps around the large beads
Connect bead and setting
Step 3 Now all you have to do is attach the pendant to the earring hooks and your earrings are finished!
City Glamour Grape
City Glamour Prussian blue
City Glamour Rose


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