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Monday, 26 August 2013

Headbands with roses

Colourful headband with rose cabochons
Autumn is drawing near, which means we can prepare ourselves for rain clouds and low temperatures. On the bright side, though, it also means that we can retreat into the comfort of our own homes, make ourselves a nice cup of tea, and get creative! Autumn calls for different colours than summer, and the bright shades can be stored away, making room for the richer, deeper colours such as burgundy red and royal blue, which may be combined with softer colours such as grey, brown, and various pastel shades.
In this tutorial I will show you how to make these headbands with roses. Many different colour-combinations are possible, that is why I made three different examples.
What do you need
Needed items for headbands with roses
How do you proceed
Step 1 First, choose a nice colour-pallet and place the roses alongside of the headband in the order you want to glue them on. This way you can see how the headband will look once it is finished. Once you are happy with the colour-combination and the space between the roses you can proceed with the next step.
Prepare the roses for the headband
Step 2 Now you can glue the roses onto the headband. Start with the rose you want to put in the middle. Add a drop of glue onto the back of the rose and on the headband. Do not be stingy with the glue; you want to make sure the roses stick to the headband.
Apply glue onto rose and headband
One rose glued to the headband
Wait until the glue has dried a little and then press the rose onto the headband. Press down and hold, then continue with the next rose. I began by gluing on the three roses in the middle, then I added three on the one side and three on the other side. Make sure you let the glue dry in between and pay attention; the roses might have a tendency slip a bit, in which case you have to push them back into their original position.
In addition, you should beware that you do not place the roses too close to one another. When you bend the headband to place it on your head, the roses come closer to each other, which could cause them to fall off. Hence, make sure there is enough space between the roses when you bend the headband.
The three headbands.
Step 3 Allow the headband to dry. After that, it is ready to be worn.
The finished headband with roses.
The finished headband with roses.


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