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Monday, 19 August 2013

Earrings with chrysocolla cabochons

Earrings with chrysocolla cabochons
Very boho chic, these earrings with chrysocolla cabochons. The stones have a beautiful combination of dark green colours, and the ear hooks with the rhinestones give them just that little bit of extra flair. This tutorial will demonstrate how you can make them yourself.
What do you need
  • 2 chrysocolla cabochons, size 18x13 mm
  • 2 lace-edge settings, size 18 x 13 mm
  • 2 chrysocolla cabochons, size 25x18 mm
  • 2 lace-edge settings, size 25x18 mm
  • 2 ear hooks with aqua blue rhinestones
  • 2 open rings, 4 mm
  • Nose pliers and glue
Needed items for earrings with chrysocolla cabochons
How to proceed
Step 1 Fold down an eyelet at the top and at the bottom of the 18 x 13 mm lace-edge setting, thereby turning the setting into a connector. Subsequently, open up the eyelet at the bottom of the ear hook, attach the setting to the ear hook, and close up the eyelet of the ear hook.
connect the earhook and setting
Step 2 Fold down the eyelet at the top of the 25 x 18 mm lace-edge setting – just the one at the top, not the bottom one this time – and use a 4 mm ring to connect the 18 x 13 mm setting to the 25 x 18 mm setting.
the earrings without cabochons
Step 3 Now that you have completed the base of the earring, you merely need to glue the chrysocolla cabochons into the settings. Use a small amount of jewellery glue such as Hasulith or E-6000.
finished cabochon earrings.jpg


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