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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Jewelry set with anemones

Jewelry set with anemones
This is a unique set of jewelery made of gold colored metal and glass cabochons with anemones. The combination of the gold with the ruby and emerald gives the set a luxurious feel. This set consists of a bracelet and two pairs of earrings, both decorated with rhinestones.
The large glass cabochon is the centrepiece of this bracelet. Around it I have used some ornaments and smaller cabs in lace edge settings. The lace edge settings can be turned into connectors by bending open one eyelet at each end of the setting. The bracelet closes with a toggle clasp. Now in general, getting the right size is pretty important with bracelets – you might want to vary the different parts a bit, in order to end up with the desired length. In this case I would recommend not to make the bracelet too loose, since the centrepiece is pretty big.
For the first pair of earrings I used gold colored earwires that already have a rhinestone embedded in them. Here I chose red ones. The oblong connector can be fastened to the earwires directly, with another lace edge setting with anemones cab underneath.
For the second set of earrings, I used vintage rhinestones. Take a look at this article on making earrings with vintage rhinestones for some additional tips and trics on working with rhinestones and prong settings. For the emerald rhinestones I used prong settings with two eyelets, so that it can function as a connector. Under these I fastened the cabs with the anemones. And under those, finally, the vintage ruby rhinestones in prong settings with a single eyelet, so they will hang nicely at the bottom of the earring.
At the bottom of this article you'll find a handy overview of all the materials that were used in this jewelery set. Click on a product to view them directly in the shop.
Gold coloured bracelet with anemones
Creating a bracelet with cabochons and ornaments
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Used parts

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