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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bracelets with faceted cabochons

Bracelet with crystal faceted cabochon
This tutorial explains how you can use one simple technique to make many different bracelets. I have used various glass cabochons and combined these with different types of flower cabochons.
What do you need
  • Thongs to connect the separate parts
  • Lace edge settings size 18x13 mm, in a colour of your choosing
  • Faceted glass cabochons size 18x13 mm
  • Flower cabochons size 18x13 mm
  • Rings, size 4 mm
  • Lock
  • Glue
Connect rings to the settings
How do you proceed
  • Open the eyelets at either side of the settings
  • Connect the settings by using the 4 mm rings
  • Place a lock at the end of the bracelet
This is the foundation of your bracelet.
[[file:De basis van de armband is klaar.jpg|autoscale|400px|center|link=|alt=Bracelet foundation]
Before glueing the cabochons into the settings, it might be wise to try out a few different combinations. Once you have determined the colours and the size of the bracelet you can glue the cabochons into the settings by using, for example, Hasulith or E-6000 glue. It might be possible you want to adjust the size of the bracelet. This can be done quite easily by, for example, using a different sized ring at the lock, choosing a different-sized lock, or even by varying the shape and size of the settings you use.
The photoseries below will give you a few examples of the endless possibilities.
Armbandje met kristal facet cabochon
Armbandje met kristal facet cabochon
Armbandje met kristal facet cabochon
Armbandje met kristal facet cabochon
Armbandje met bloem cabochons

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