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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Candy jade bling necklace

Candy jade bling necklace
This is a colourful necklace made from a special mix of materials. The round beads are jade in sweet candy colours, the metal bead caps add texture, and the acrylic rhinestones provide the necklace with a nice dose of bling.
This tutorial describes how you can make your own Candy Jade Bling neckclace.
What do you need
  • 1 string of round jade beads 10 mm
  • 14 acrylic pear-shaped rhinestones, size 18x13 mm
  • 14 prong settings for pear-shaped rhinestones 18x13 mm
  • Brass filigree bead caps in a golden colour 10 mm
  • 14 jump rings in a golden colour 4 mm
  • Toggle clasp
  • Crimp beads
  • Coated steal thread (for this necklace I have used grey thread)
  • Some basic beads to finish up the clasp
  • Nose pliers and cutting pliers
Candy Jade Bling necklace components
How to proceed
Step 1 Place the rhinestones inside the prong settings and close them up by using nose pliers.
prong setting nose pliers
Step 2 Attach a 4 mm jump ring to the eyelet of the toggle clasp. The pendants are now ready for stringing.
pendants with acrylic rhinestones
Step 3 String the separate parts in the following order: 1 bead cap, 1 jade bead, 1 bead cap, 1 pendant. Alternate between the different colours of jade beads. Each string of jade beads has a different mix of colours, therefore every necklace will look different in the end.
String the beads, bead caps and pendants
Step 4 Once you have strung all the pendants in between the beads you can use the remaining jade beads and bead caps to add length. I have used the entire string of jade beads, and without a clasp the overall length of the necklace is approximately 43 cm.
Step 5 Now you can finish off the necklace with the toggle clasp. What I did was this: I strung 1 metal 4 mm bead, after that I added 2 crimp beads, after that another 4 mm bead, and finally I added the clasp. Subsequently, bend the tread and string it back trough the the metal beads and the crimp beads, as well as through a couple of jade beads. It might be handy to cut the thread diagonally, so it can be threaded more easily; quite like a needle. Finish this side by pinching the crimp beads.
thread the wire and toggle clasp
Step 6 The other side of the necklace can now be finished with the other end of the clasp. This is the tricky part: if you pull the necklace any tighter at this point the pressure on the beads will become too high, causing the necklace to break. In order to prevent this you will need to have roughly half a centimeter of unbeaded tread. Finish off like you did in step 5: thread 1 metal bead, 2 crimp beads, another metal bead, and finally the other end of the clasp. Again, bend the thread and push it back through the metal beads, the crimp beads, and a couple of the jade beads.
Step 7 Now you can adjust the necklace to make sure the pressure on the beads is not too high. I normally use nose pliers for this purpose. Step by step, genlty pull the thread through the necklace and pull out the excess thread.
Pull excess thread from the necklace
Step 8 Pinch the crimp beads on this side of the necklace by using the nose pliers.
Pinch crimp beads
Step 9 Finish by cutting off the two remaining loose ends of the thread. It is best to cut as close to the bead as possible.
Cut off loose ends
Step 10 Your necklace is finished! Once you have gotten the hang of it you can use this technique to make many different varieties of this necklace: you can opt for beads in the same colour, rhinestones in different colours, or perhaps silver-coloured metal. Good luck!
Candy jade bling beads

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