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Friday, 4 April 2014

Spring garden necklace

This week a very elaborate tutorial in which I will demonstrate how to make these colorful Spring Garden necklaces. The design of the necklace is based on flower beads fitted into small settings. I have made two different varieties, so you see it's easy to give the necklace your own personal twist.
Spring Garden ketting 1
Spring Garden ketting 2
What do you need for one necklace?
  • 13 flower beads. We have two different series of flower beads which are flat at the back and which can be fitted into small 12 mm settings. These are the flower beads (the code of this series always starts with KSK-BL086) and these are the rose beads (the code of this series always starts with KSK-BL088). Both types of beads are available in a wide array of colors.
  • 13 round lace edge settings size 12 mm.
  • Jump rings in a golden color, size 6 mm. You will need 16 rings in total for this necklace.
  • Rolo chain in gold tone. You will need 25 cm at most, perhaps less, depending on the length you want your necklace to be.
  • A clasp in a golden color.
  • E6000 glue.
Needed items Spring Garden necklace
How do you proceed?
1. Fold down two eyelets of each of the 13 lace edge settings. Make sure there are three eyelets in between the ones that are folded down to get the best result.
Fold down two eyelets
2. Connect the 13 lace edge settings to each other by using the jump rings. Make sure you close up the rings properly. Now you have the basis for your Spring Garden necklace.
Connect all 13 settings
The finished basis of the necklace
3. Cut off two pieces of the rolo chain. I have used two sections of 12 cm, but perhaps you want to make the necklace a bit shorter, in which case 10 cm will suffice. Connect the sections of chain to both sides of the necklace and attach the clasp.
Connect the jasseron chain and the settings
The finished basis of the necklace
4. Select the colors of the flowers!
Choose the colours of the flowers!
5. Apply a dollop of glue in each setting. Also apply a bit of extra glue onto the back of the bead, and place the beads into the settings one by one.
You will notice that it will appear as if the beads are situated too close to each other, but I assure you this won't be the case once the necklace is finished and you are wearing it.
Glue the flower beads in the settings
Position the flower beads
6. Gently apply a bit of pressure onto the beads to make sure they are indeed firmly attached to the settings. Allow the necklace to dry for a couple of hours before wearing it.
Gently apply a bit of pressure onto the beads
7. Your Spring Garden necklace is finished. Have fun with this design!
Spring Garden necklaces with rose beads
These flower beads were used: KSK-BL088E, KSK-BL088C, KSK-BL088F, KSK-BL088B, KSK-BL088G
Spring Garden necklaces with  flower beads
These flower beads were used: KSK-BL086H, KSK-BL086M, KSK-BL086L, KSK-BL086K, KSK-BL086A, KSK-BL086C, KSK-BL086E


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