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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Girly Pearly earrings

Girly Pearly earrings tutorial
Creating Girly Pearly earrings
There's something about spring that attracts me to pastel colours, which is why I came up with these Girly Pearly earrings! These earrings are nice and long, approximately 8 cm, but surprisingly light-weight. I made 9 different colour combinations in total, but with 9 different droplets, 10 different bowties, and over 20 different shades of pearly cabochons to choose from, the possibilities are endless. You can also opt for bronze or golden details rather than silver.
Needed items for Girly Pearly earrings
What do you need for one pair of earrings?

Choose colour combinations for Girly Pearly earrings
How do you proceed?
1. Start by making the colour combinations. As I mentioned previously, there are many different possibilities – you can make a different combination for every day of the year! You can either use contrasting or matching colours. This is a fun and important part of the designing process, so take your time to come up with combinations that you like.
Open up eyelets of the lace edge stting horizontallyl
2. Fold down two eyelets of the lace edge setting. The setting will be hanging horizontally. You can fold down the eyelets by using a pair of nose pliers.
Create the pearl drop
3. Make the pearl droplet. Place the bead onto the headpin, slide the beadcap over the top and cut off the headpin to the desired length. Be careful when you slide the beadcap over the bead; you don't want to damage the coating. Start shaping the eyelet.
Connect the pearl drop and setting
4. Attach the pearl droplet to the setting and close up the eyelet.
Fit a girly bow
5. Use a 4 mm ring to attach the girly bowtie to the top of the setting.
Ear hook for Girly Pearly earrings
6. Attach an earhook to the bowtie. I have chosen to use a simple model.
Glue the cabochon
7. Now glue the cabochon into the setting. Two drops of glue is enough; you don't want glue to spill out from underneath the cabochon.
Your Girly Pearly earrings are finished!
FInished Girly Pearly drop earrings


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