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Monday, 10 March 2014

Drop earrings with golden bowties

Drop earrings with golden bowties
I've wanted to work with these goldstone drops for quite a while. The combination of the goldstone with the different colours of the beads really is a beautiful sight. The crystal rhinestones bring out the colours of the drops, and the cute little bowtie is the cherry on top!
Needed items for drop earrings with golden bowties
What do you need for one pair of earrings?

How do you proceed?
The earrings consist of three parts: the pendant with the drop, the connector with the rhinestone, and the earhook.
Place the rhinestone in the setting
Use a pair of nose pliers to place the octagon rhinestone into the prong setting. Put your thumb on the rhinestone to keep it in place, and fold the prongs down to secure the stone in the setting. To prevent the stone from slipping, it might help to begin by folding down the clasps that are situated opposite one another.
Fold down the prongs
You won't need any glue to keep the stone in its place once you have folded down all the prongs.
Place the beadcap
Place the drop onto the headpin and add a beadcap on top. You can bend the cap to make it fit more neatly if necessary. Cut off the headpin, but make sure you leave enough material to fashion an eyelet. Do not completely close up the eyelet.
Connect the different parts
Attach the eyelet of the drop to the prong setting and close up the eyelet.
Add the bowtie
Fold down the eyelet of the earhook. Make sure you attach the prong setting before adding the bowtie; the bowtie needs to be in front of the rhinestone. Now close up the eyelet of the earhook.
Your earrings are finished!
Green drop earrings with golden bowties
Pink drop earrings with golden bowties
Blue drop earrings with golden bowties


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