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Friday, 7 November 2014

Ibiza Autumn

Ibiza Autumn
It is usually around August that I receive enquiries about the latest trends in autumn colours. Usually people expect the colours to be shades of brown, grey, ochre and dark purple. In this article I would like to present another idea: The "Ibiza Autumn" collection.
Thinking about the beaches and bohemian spirit of this island I designed a number of statement necklaces and earrings using coral and amazonite gemstone.
If you have questions about the construction of these jewellery items, leave a message!
Ibiza Autumn coral necklace
Ibiza Autumn coral necklace Statement necklace with a double strand of coral twigs in three shades, finished with large red coral nuggets.
The challenge is in finishing the clasp of the necklace; it is not possible to thread the wires back so make sure that the crimp beads are firmly attached. I used a tube crimp bead which I first flattened and then doubled up. After these steps I slide a crimp bead cover over the crimp bead itself.
The following materials were used for this necklace: KR-NG001, KR-T008, KR-T002, KR-T003, DRD006, MK-SP006B, KVB002, K020A, SL016, WG004, KKR002, PNS-OC010G, KLZ-OC002A, OR-B005
Ibiza Autumn earrings
Ibiza Autumn earrings from left to right:
Earrings with green agates and cloisonné drops The following items are used for these earrings: OH015, ECB-AG005A, CL-DR001A, OR-G001, Z032
Earrings with amazonite drops and Hamsa hand The following items are used for these earrings: OH015, MH-D019D, NS-G003, AMZ-DR001, MK-SP006B
Earrings with tortoise agates and resin shells The following items are used for these earrings: OH020, KSK-SC003A, AG-DR007B, MK-SP006, KS-K002, NS-K001
Ibiza Autumn amazonite necklace
Ibiza Autumn necklace with amazonite gemstone
Ibiza Autumn necklace with amazonite gemstone
All amazonite beads were taken from one and the same (graduated) strand. These strands are faceted and have a stunning natural variation of colours.
The following items are used for this necklace: AMZ-GR001, MK-SP006A, OR-B005, PNS-OV013B, OR-B005, KLZ-OV003A, DRD006, KVB002, K020A, SL016, WG004, KKR002


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