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Friday, 14 February 2014

Vintage cameo necklace

Vintage camee ketting
This vintage cameo necklace will take about an hour to assemble.
I have used a true vintage cameo and combined it with a contemporary peony and a wee bowknot. The natural Dalmation jasper beads give it that lovely Shabby Chic appeal.
This is an asymmetrical design, placing the cameos on the side. The jasper beads are linked to the cameos. The last bead is placed at the same height as the white bowknot, creating a sense of balance in the design. The bowknot will be placed somewhere around your collar-bone.
Benodigdheden vintage camee ketting
What do you need for one necklace?
  • Vintage cameo size 25x18 mm.
  • Round cameo with peony size 18 mm.
  • Lace edge settings, one oval and one round.
  • Bowknot connector.
  • Dalmation jasper beads, 10 pieces, round, size 10 mm.
  • Eyepins size 30 mm.
  • Chain bronze colour.
  • 4 mm jumprings. I would have preferred to have used bronze jumprings, but I didn't have them at the moment. So I chose antique copper instead. You'll hardly notice the difference in colour with a jumpring this size.
  • Glue I used regular Hasulith jewelry glue for the cameos.

Kettel de jaspis kralen
How do you proceed?
1. Start by linking the jasper beads with the eyepins. These 3 steps will help you get the best result for equally sized links:
1.1 Place the jasper bead on the eyepin. Place an 8 mm bead on top of this, on the photo above it's a black glass pearl.
1.2 Cut the eyepin above the glass pearl. Remove the glass pearl. Now you have a section of exactly 8 mm with which to form a loop. This way, you will always have the same length for each and every link.
1.3 Form a loop with a round nosed plier.
If you prefer somewhat larger loops, use a 9 or 10 mm bead.
Verbind de jaspis kralen
2. Connect the jasper beads one by one. Don't close up the loop until you have attached the previous bead. Try to align the loops, the result will be a smooth chain.
Verbind de lace edge zettingen
3. Now take the two lace edge settings. Open up a section of the edge at the top and bottom. Connect the settings with a jumpring. Do not glue in the camoes just yet!
Plaats het witte strikje
4. Attach the white bowknot above the round setting using a jumpring. Connect the strand of jasper beads beneath the oval setting using a jumpring.
Monteer twee stukjes ketting
5. Cut off two equally long pieces of necklace chain. I have used two sections of 15 cm (about 6 inches) but perhaps you will require a different length. Place one section above the white bowknot, and connect the other section to the Dalmation jasper beads.
Plaats een kapittel slotje
6. Attach a clasp to the two sections of chain material. I myself being right-handed, prefer to place the bar of the clasp on the right side, above the cameo.
Lijm de camee in de zetting
7. All that's left now is to glue in the cameos. Leave to dry for an hour or so and enjoy you necklace!
Ketting met vintage camee


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