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Friday, 7 February 2014

Spring flower earrings

Spring flower oorbellen
Have you noticed? The seasons are changing! The days are becoming longer, the birds are returning, and although we had snow here no less than a week ago, there's a very fresh feeling in the air ... Spring!
I came up with these Spring Flower earrings quite coincidentally. The majority of these beads we've had for a while now, but I had a few new colour varieties which I wanted to sort out. Lying on the table next to these beads was a 12 mm setting. These flower beads are flat-backed, so I tried fitting one into the setting, and it was a perfect fit! Thus, I combined the beads with these antique copper-coloured earrings as if they were a cabochon.
Resin flower beads
Benodigdheden Spring Flower earrings
What do you need for one pair of earrings?
  • 1 pair of copper-coloured earhooks with a round 12 mm setting. We also carry these earhooks in the colours bronze, silver, and gold, so the combinations are endless.
  • 2 flower beads. We have two series of flower beads which can be used for these particular earrings. These are the beads beginning with the code KSK-BL086 (A, B, C etc) and KSK-BL088 (A, B, C etc).
  • Glue. I have used regular Hasulith for these earrings.
How do you proceed?

Glue the earhook
1. Apply a drop of glue to the setting of the earhook. Leave it for a minute, I have noticed that it makes the glue stick even better.
Fit the bead in the setting
2. Apply a little drop of glue onto the back of the bead and place it into the setting. The drill hole of the bead won't be hidden by the setting. I placed the hole vertically since people probably will be looking at the earring from the front and the side as you're wearing it.
In a few cases the back of the bead can be slightly larger than the setting, but you can use a piece of sanding paper to make them fit.
3. Wait a while and allow the glue to dry. I tested the earrings after roughly an hour; I dropped them onto the table and the bead didn't separate from the setting.
If the bead won't stick to the earhook, you can either try cleaning the surface of the bead with ammonia, or you can gently sand the surface of the bead to make sure the glue will stick even better.
Spring flower earrings beadmixer


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