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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Drop earstuds with rhinestones

Turquoise drop earrings with rhinestones
This tutorial will show you how to make your very own earrings in trendy colours with faux turquoise drop beads and luxurious rhinestones.
Last year I made a set of faux turquoise drop bead earrings, and these earrings are a sequel to that series.
The base for each pair is the same, namely a faux turquoise drop, an oval rhinestone connector and an earstud to which you can attach a rhinestone. I will show you 6 different colours, but you can easily adapt the design to your own liking. For example, use a different earhook, a different beadcap, or use contrasting colours for a fresh and completely different effect.
Required items for turquoise drop earstuds with rhinestones
What do you need

How do you proceed?
1. Make the drop pendant by placing the bead onto the headpin, finishing with a beadcap. I have cut off half a millimetre of the pin, because for me that is the ideal length to make an eyelet.
Make the drop pendant
2. Place the rhinestone into the setting. It might feel a bit uncomfortable if you have not yet worked with rhinestones, so make sure you take your time. I prefer to hold down the stone at the sides while gently, one by one, pressing the little prongs down over the stone by using a set of pliers. Bear in mind, practice makes perfect!
Make the connector and fit the rhinestone
3. Glue the rhinestone into the earstud. A small drop really is enough to do the trick – the rhinestone glue is quite liquid, which means you easily end up using too much of it!
Glue the rhinestone in the earstud
4. Connect the separate parts with the rings.
Connect the parts with the rings
5. Your earstuds are finished!
Your drop earrings are finished!
Here are some examples of earrings in different colours:

Green drop earstuds with rhinestones
Purple drop earstuds with rhinestones
Red drop earstuds with rhinestones
Orange drop earstuds with rhinestones
Pink drop earstuds with rhinestones


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