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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Art Nouveau cone earrings

Art Nouveau pegel oorbellen

Have any of you ever watched the series Boardwalk Empire? It's an exciting tale set in the American prohibition era, starring gangsters like Al Capone. Stylewise, the period is set shortly after World War I, the last days of the Art Nouveau movement. The costume styling is beautifully done, and I always marvel at the gorgeous earrings the ladies are wearing.
So I was greatly inpired to make these Art Nouveau cone earrings. They are long earrings with large glass pendants, and they have a wonderful antique feeling to them.
The pendants are horizontally drilled through the top, that's why I fitted an eyepin throught the drill hole, and covered it all up with a filligree beadcap.

Benodigdheden Art Nouveau pegel oorbellen
What do you need?
How do you proceed?
1. Use a flat nose plier to bend the beadcap into shape, allowing them to slide over the cone perfectly.
Plaats kettelstift
2. Slide an eyepin throught the drillhole of the cone. You will need about 1 cm at the rounded side of the pin, which is bent upwards.
Buig kettelstift
3. Bend the eyelet upwards placing it at the top centre of the cone. I used a flat nose plier for bending the pin.
Buig kettelstift verder
4. Bend the latter side of the eyepin upwards, and then sideways towards the eyelet, so as to wrap around the eyelet. Don't worry about appearance at this stage, for you will cover it all up with the beadcap. The main goal is to make sure that both pendants will have the same length, for you will want symmetrical earrings.
Het oogje is klaar
5. Cut the eyepin at the eyelet, thus creating a pendant loop.
Plaats de tweede kettelstift
6. Open up the eyelet of the second eyepin, attach it to the pendant and close the eye up again.
Plaats de kralenkap
7. Slide the filigree beadcap over the cone. The eyepin should come out on top.
Maak weer een oogje voor de oorbel
8. Create a loop for hanging, and again keep in mind that the earrings should be equally long.
Plaats het Art Nouveau oorhaakje
9. All that's left now is to attach the Art Nouveau earring findings. These hooks are convenient because the eye is nog fully closed - it may be opened with pliers to attach the pendant.
De Art Nouveau oorbellen zijn klaar


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