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Monday, 2 December 2013

Retro spike earrings

Retro spike earrings

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Date: 02-12-2013 by Elaine Zant
Retro spike oorbellen
Aren't these earrings a cheerful bunch? These retro spike earrings are a combination of 10 mm cabochons and faux turquoise spike beads. As you can see, many different colour-combinations are possible, and I think a display of these earrings would be a great success at - for example - a Christmas market.
Retro cabochons
I started by matching different colours. The cabochons come in 10 different colours, and a strand of spike beads contains approximately 7 different colours. Each strand has a different colour-consistency, but since a strand contains over 80 beads, which means you'll have more than enough beads to make matching sets.
Choose color combinations
What do you need for 1 pair of earrings?
  • 1 pair of ear hooks, I have chosen to use gold-coloured materials, but bronze is a good option as well.
  • 2 retro cabochons, size 10 mm
  • 2 lace edge settings for the cabochons
  • 2 open rings, size 10 mm
  • 2 faux turquoise spike beads
  • Glue, I have used Hasulith glue
  • Prongs to assemble the earrings
Needed items for retro spike earrings
Fold down two of the eyelets of the lace edge setting to turn it into a connector. Apply a bit of glue and glue and fit the cabochon into the setting.
Open the setting on both sides
Use a 10 mm ring to make the pendant with the spike bead. It might be a bit of a struggle to fit the ring through the hole of the bead, but I found that you can usually solve this problem by turning the ring around.
Attach the ring to the setting. When I made the earrings I made sure the opening of the rings was located at the back.
Connect the larger ringlet
Fold down the eyelet of the ear hook and attach the other side of the setting to the hook.
Attach the ear hook



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