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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas jewel tone set

Jeweltone earrings set A
Over the past year my collection of rhinestones has grown quite extensively. I love these stones, for although the technique is quite simple, the effect is very elegant!
Bearing in mind the upcoming Christmas holidays I have created this set of earrings in Jewel tones. The colours ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, and amethyst purple prove an ever successful combination. You can achieve an antique look by combining them with gold-coloured materials.
The glass rhinestones have a decent weight, which means you will be wearing quite a substantial piece of jewelry.
If you need an accessory to match that special dress, a present for you mother-in-law, or if you are making a merry collection for your own line of jewelry, these Jewel tone earrings will be a guaranteed hit!
What do you need?
  • Rhinestones in sets, different colours, shapes and sizes
  • Prong settings for the rhinestones
  • Open rings, size 4 mm, to connect the settings
  • Ear hooks in a gold or brass colour
  • A pair of pliers to close up the settings
Choosing the rhinestones
How do you proceed?
I have put together a range of rhinestones in the Jewel tone colour palet and included a few different shapes and sizes. I started by piecing the stones together until I was fully content with the different combinations.
In previous tutorials I have shown how to fit the rhinestones into the prong settings. You can take a look here: Ombre rhinestone earrings.
Jeweltone earrings set B

Jeweltone earrings set C

Jeweltone earrings set D

Jeweltone earrings set E

Jeweltone earrings set F

Jeweltone earrings set G

Jeweltone earrings set H


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