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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Ombre rhinestone earrings

Ombre rhinestone earrings
Ombre is, essentially, a gradient of colour; it's a progression of position-dependent colours. It has been a trend for the past few years, both in hairstyling and in accessories.
Here I've made three sets of ombre rhinestone earrings in different colours, from kristal to petrol, from pink to purple, and from citrine to topaz.
Acryllic rhinestones come in a wide range of colours and are light-weight and low priced, which means you can vary to your heart's content. To give you some more options, I will reveal how you can vary even more by using different ear studs and ear hooks by the end of the tutorial.
What do you need for 1 pair of ombre rhinestone earrings?
Needed for Ombre rhinestone earrings
How do you proceed?
  • Choose a colour combination that progresses from light to dark. However, if you'd rather put the darker rhinestone at the top and the light one at the bottom, that's fine as well.
  • Place the rhinestones into the prong settings. Make sure the setting at the bottom is the one with only one eyelet.
I have noticed, by the way, that the prongs of the silver-coloured settings are a bit harder to bend than the brass-coloured ones.

place the rhinestone in the setting
  • Use the open rings to attache the settings to eachother. You will see that the earring will fall very nicely once it's assembled.
connect the settings
  • Connect the pendants to an ear stud or ear hook of your choice. For different options concerning the ear studs and ear hooks, see the pictures I added below!
attach an earhook
The rhinestone earrings are finished
ombre rhinestone variety


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