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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hot air balloon earrings

Hot air balloon earrings
These large resin beads really speak to the imagination! Are they sweets? Beach balls? I was pondering the endless the possibilities when, suddenly, an image of these antique hot air balloons popped into my mind! All they needed was a filigree bead cap as a basket, and voilĂ : you have a beautiful set of 19th century Jules Verne hot air balloons. If you follow my instructions you can make these earrings in a blink of an eye.
Jules Verne hot air balloon
What do you need for one pair of earrings
Requirements for Hot air balloon earrings
How do you proceed?'
Place the parts onto the head pin in the following order: 1 small bead cap, 1 large bead cap, 1 resin bead, 1 small bead cap. The small bead cap at the bottom will prevent the whole lot from sliding off the head pin.
Cut off the head pin approximately 8 mm above the bead and shape it into an eyelet.
Making hot air balloon earrings
Now all you need to do is attach the eyelet of the ear hook to the hot air balloon and your earring will be finished.
Connect an ear hook
The finished earrings
Black hot air balloon earrings
Green hot air balloon earrings


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