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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Earrings with faux turquoise droplets

Earrings with faux turquoise droplets
I really enjoyed playing about with these faux turquoise drop beads. Each strand in this lot has an identical mix of colours, enough for 8 matching pairs of beads – perfect for making earrings!
The conical filligree bead caps give the drops extra length, while keeping the design light-weight.
The technique is very simple and suitable for beginners: you take a long head pin (around 50mm), and place the droplet onto it. Then you gently place the bead cap over the bead, but don't push it down, because this can cause the bead cap to unfold. You finish it off with one simple eyelet and any earhook you prefer.
Here I chose metal parts in an antique copper colour. But parts are available for making the exact same design in antique bronze, if you prefer. And then you've got a whole new set of earrings to go with any outfit!
Drop beads with filigree bead caps in antique copper colour

8 pair ear rings with faux turquoise beads


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