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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tutorial - A rainbow of earrings

A rainbow of earrings
For me, jewelry design at its best is when I can duplicate it in different colours. Especially if you are selling your own handmade creations, you may recognise that the design process takes a lot of time and effort. It's nice to appeal to a wider range of customers, because you can offer a piece of jewelry in their personal favourite colour.

This set of earrings forms a whole rainbow of colours, can you imagine them hanging on your jewelry display?
Earrings and necklaces on display
These rainbow earrings were made using faux turquoise beads, teardrops, a pumpkin and a round bead. The beads are framed with antiqued copper tone findings, giving it a softer, warmer appearance. The little bowknot is the final touch.
This photo tutorial will show you how to make these earrings.
Findings for rainbow earrings
What do you nead for 1 pair of earrings?
Place the beads and caps on the headpin
How do you proceed
1. You will be needing a long headpin. Most likely you will want to straighten these somewhat. Place the faux turquoise beads and beadcaps on the headpin. Cut the headpin to desired length, you will roughly need a 0.35 inch section for making a loop.
Connect the bowknot to the pendant
2. Connect the bownknot directly to the headpin, and close the eyelet. Take care that you always place the bowknot in the same way, the bottom part is wider than the top.
Finish the rainbow earring with an ear wire
3. Open the eyelet of the ear wire and slide it through the bowknot. Your rainbow earrings are ready to wear!
Your rainbow earrings are ready to wear!


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