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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tutorial Faux malachite earrings

Faux malachite earrings
One of my personal top three gemstones (along with Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise) is definitely Malachite!
It has a beautiful vibrant green colour, and the banded effect make each stone unique.
A precious stone such as Malachite can be quite costly, and if you don't have the budget to match, sometimes you're better off with a high quality simulation rather than a low grade genuine stone.
These drop beads are made of resin, and the colour and banding of the material are a very convincing imitation of real Malachite.
The red cabochons are made of glass, and together with the setting they give a lovely antique bohemian feeling to this pair of earrings. This tutorial will show you how you can make a pair yourself!
Needed items for faux malachite earrings tutorial
What do you need for one pair of faux Malachite earrings?
Please note: the picture shows the parts you need for 1 earring. For 1 pair you need the following quantities:
How do you proceed?

Tutorial - create a droplet with a faux malachite bead
1. Place a faux malachite bead onto a headpin, cut off the headpin to desired length and start shaping an eyelet.
Add the faux malachite drop
2. The setting has a decorative edge with small openings. You can attach the drop beads unto the bottom three openings of the setting. I haven't used a ring to connect them, but placed the drop directly beneath the setting. Now close up the eyelet of the headpin.
Add the three faux malachite droplets
3. The drops will hang underneath the setting very nicely.
Add the Art Nouveau earhook
4. Fold down the eyelet of the earhook and attach the setting onto the hook. Close up the eyelet of the earhook. You can use a set of flat nose pliers to do this.
Glue the red glass cabochon
5. Glue the cabochon into the setting. I have used E6000 glue, but the glue doesn't have to be super strong, so you can probably also use Hasulith.
Your earrings are finished!
Tutorial on Faux malachite earrings

Needed items for this tutorial

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