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Friday, 15 November 2013

Amazonite earrings

Amazonite earrings
These earrings have been made with Amazonite beads. Amazonite is a natural stone which usually comes in different shades of light aqua blue. The beads from our collection show a slight variation in colour, which ranges from blue to brown. We always aim to send you a varied lot.
For this set of earrings I have used 3 different types of beads, 2 round sizes and one rondelle bead. The blue and brown shades of the Amazonite are accentuated beautifully by the bronze-coloured details. Finally, the Art Nouveau ear hooks complete the look!
amazonite beads

What do you need for 1 pair of Amazonite earrings?
  • 2 round Amazonite beads, size 14 mm
  • 2 round Amazonite beads, size 8 mm
  • 2 rondelle Amazonite beads, size 12x8 mm
  • 2 bronze headpins, size 50 mm
  • 4 bronze filigree bead caps for the rondelle beads
  • 4 bronze flowerpetal bead caps for the 14 mm beads
  • 2 small bronze lantern beads to place at the bottom
  • 1 pair of Art Nouveau style ear hooks

amazonite earrings needed items

How do you proceed?
Take a 50 mm headpin and place in the following order:
1 bronze lantern bead, 1 8 mm Amazonite bead, 1 flowerpetal bead cap, 1 14 mm Amazonite bead, 1 flowerpetal bead cap, 1 filigree bead cap, 1 12x8 mm Amazonite rondelle bead, 1 filigree bead cap.
Cut off the headpin and try to bend the eyelet as close to the last bead cap as possible.

string the beads on the headpin
The pendant is finished.
The pendant is ready
The eyelets of the Art Nouveau ear hooks can be folded down, which makes it easier to attach the pendant to the ear hook.
Fold down the hook
The Amazonite earrings are finished!
A pair of amazonite earrings


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