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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Daisy headband

Headband daisy cabochons
These acrylic head bands are a cute base for some decoration with cheerful flowers. The headbands are a little over 3 cm wide at the widest point, so these daisy cabochons have the perfect size to make a pretty edge over the top. Both the headbands and the daisies are available in many different colours, so the possible combinations are endless.
For this tutorial I chose a black headband and classical white and yellow daisies.

Headband loose cabochons
1. Acrylic headband
2. Daisy flower cabochons, 7 pieces
3. Glue. Here I used Hasulith jewelry glue.

Glue headband cabochons

Tips for decorating the headband
1. Use a large amount of glue for each flower. Because the headband is round and the cabochons are flat, they can use some extra glue in order to attach them securely.
2. Attach the daisies in steps. I started out by gluing on the three flowers in the middle. Then I let the headband rest upside-down, to keep the cabochons from moving while the glue is still fluid. After about 15 minutes you can do the left side, let it rest again, and then do the right side.
3. Then let the headband dry for a long time, at least 24 hours. After all, there are holes in the headband where the glue can come through (and get into your hair if it hasn't dried properly).
Placing headband cabochons
Finished daisy headband


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